Starcraft Universe – Ghost Abilities Revealed

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Starcraft Universe – Ghost Abilities Revealed

The media “dust” has finally settled for RyanWin and his project, Starcraft Universe (previously known as World of Starcraft). The whole story ended happily and Ryan is back to work on the project with a full team by his side.

Recently, Ryan has announced the abilities for the Ghost character class. So far, this seems to be the only class that has been completed and already sounds like a lovechild of a World of Warcraft rogue and warlock. Please note that the abilities listed below have yet to be play-balanced.

Snipe: Long Range, carefully aimed, high damage shot to an enemy’s weak point.

Ambush Blade: Energy blade melee skill best used with stealth to deal bonus damage. If target is under 50% health, critical damage is dealt.

Cloak Bomb: Vanishing technology used in combat to quickly reset the cooldown of your cloaking device and dart forward into the shadows.

Cloak/Decloak: Enters or exits an undetectable stealth state. Performing any attacks while cloaked will disable the device.

Ultrasonic Pulse: Fires a hypersonic wave distortion round at your target, stunning it and any surrounding opposition.

Seeker Round: Fires an explosive round with a built-in guidance system that chases its target for up to 15 seconds.

Lockdown: Fires disruptor round, rendering dysfunctional any mechanical units caught within the field.

Dominate: Takes control of a target’s mind but rapidly drains your energy while channeled (i.e. the target becomes your pet).

EMP: Deals electromagnetic damage to enemy shields and severe damage to energy.

Tactical Run: Stows away or arms your weapon. While your weapon is stowed, you’re able to run faster but cannot perform any combat actions.

Nuclear Launch: Ultimate ability. Carefully prepares and executes a tactical nuclear strike at target location.

It seems like they are working pretty quickly now on the project, and I cannot wait to play a beta build.  If you’re interested in helping Ryan and his team test out the game, they are taking names for people who want to be part of the first-ever Starcraft Universe 10-man raid.  It will feature the first raid boss and will be played this Saturday, February 19th at 6pm (PST).

By the way, if you want updates on this project straight from Ryan, follow his new Twitter account.

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