Epic World of Warcraft Weapon Contest

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Epic World of Warcraft Weapon Contest

Recently the World of Warcraft community was given a challenge to make real life WoW weapons in The Weaponsmithing Fan Art Contest. The winner’s creations have just been posted on the battle.net website and they do not disappoint!

This amazing contest started in December of last year and ended in January 2011. The winners were just recently picked (Tuesday) and their weapons posted on the battle.net site.

The amount of work put into these weapons is amazing. I was not expecting to see such well made pieces of art when I clicked on the link. It’s easy to see why the staff named “Journey’s End” won first place. I have a Grandpa who does wood carvings so I know the amount of time and work that goes into them. His/her hard work paid off in the end. Not only did this person’s work get placed on the Blizzard site but was also awarded a Frostmourne Replica Sword with Ice Shard display stand.

In addition to first place, prizes were awarded for having the best weapon in your category: Best dagger, best mace, best sword, best ranged and best of the rest. Five finalists were picked and received a $50 Epic Weapons gift certificate. All of the weapons turned out beautifully and I have to admit, I would love to make or have that Journey’s End staff, it’s just so awesome. The rest of the contest pictures can be found on Epicweapons.com.

This is the first such creative contest I have seen Blizzard do and I think they should do more. Fortunately, they’re presently holding two others. The first is a year-long Core Hound Pup picture contest to promote the Blizzard Account Authenticator, and. A submission is picked each month and awarded an iPad, just for taking a unique picture of your adorable core hound puppy!

Of course, there’s also the ongoing WoW comic contest, where comic submissions by players may be posted on the site and awared a “same-as-cash gift card”. I can’t wait to see what other contests Blizzard will come up, with especially as we get closer to Blizzcon 2011!