[April Fools] Pixelated Geek 5.0 is here!!!

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[April Fools] Pixelated Geek 5.0 is here!!!

The long wait is finally over.  Pixelated Geek is, after much anticipation, proud to present our new layout, Pixelated Geek 5.0!  We’ve been talking to our Marketing and Design Consultants and after much deliberation have discovered how to maximize our geeky awesome-ness to better provide you, our wonderful audience, with even more articles, videos, exclusives, and breaking news of All-Things-Geek.  So make sure that you check out www.PixelatedGeek.com and see all the new and exciting things that are going to be coming your way with Pixelated Geek 5.0, I promise you’ll love us even more!

I want all of our faithful readers to know that we really appreciate all of the loyalty you’ve shown over the years. We like to think that you like us as much as we love you, and we’ll hope that you understand that we’re simply following our hopes, dreams, and the advice of Yale MBA’s when we elect to remove all of the giveaways and the Cube Point ranking system from our site. We really hope that the relationship we’ve built with you and our beautiful smiling faces will bear out the thrust of our marketing concept. Also, more videos.

New Features:

  • Ultra Hip New Layout
  • New Logo Typeface
  • Blank white background
  • Ads placed in better areas in hopes that you click on them more
  • Removed CubePoints and Prize. We don’t benefit from it. So, why should you?

Yes. PG 5.0 is just that awesome.

P.S. You’re gonna want to make sure that your bandwidth can handle us, we’re kind of a big deal and we’re only getting bigger.