SplitFish/Crysis 2 Contest!

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SplitFish/Crysis 2 Contest!

More free stuff! Do I have your attention? I know how much you geeks love free stuff – because who doesn’t?

Our last giveaway – a copy of Portal 2 – was a HUGE success. We had almost 200 entries and got all the way to 1,150 followers on Twitter! Since the contest went so well, we’ve decided to have another one!

This time, we’ll be giving away a SplitFish FRAGFX SHARK – but this time the contest isn’t quite so easy…Here’s how to enter:

1. Like us on Facebook if you haven’t already.

2. Come up with the best video game mashup title that you can containing the word “Crysis” – for instance, Devil May Crysis 2.

3. Set your Facebook status as “My entry in Pixelated Geek’s SplitFish giveaway is Devil May Crysis 2” – but be sure to change the last part to whatever YOU came up with!

4. Tag us in your status! If you don’t know how to do that on Facebook, it’s just like Twitter – when you go to type out “Pixelated Geek,” start with an @ symbol. As you’re typing, a dropdown box will appear and you can click to select us from the list.

Also, please be sure to allow everyone to see your status update if your privacy settings don’t already allow it – otherwise we can’t see your entry!

Grand Prize

The contest runs from today through April 29, so get your submissions in by then! We’ll be judging your entries after the 29th and choosing what we think is the best one – and that person will receive a SplitFish FRAGFX SHARK!