[Contest] Balls of Steel E3 Swagbag Giveaway [Updated]

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[Contest] Balls of Steel E3 Swagbag Giveaway [Updated]

Here at Pixelated Geek, we’ve been gearing up for E3, Duke Nukem Forever, and all manner of exciting events and game releases. Which means that it’s time to kick ass and chew gum…and we’re all out of gum. Good thing we’ve got lots of swag to make up for it – and we want to give it all to you! But only if your balls are steely enough.

One grand prize winner will receive an E3 Prize Pack containing:

The prizes are now as follows:

….PLUS whatever cool swag we pick up at E3.

One second place winner will receive:

To be eligible to win, make a video that shows us why you’ve got balls of steel, and upload it to YouTube. The video can be anything you want, as long as it shows us just HOW steely your balls really are. Do a crazy stunt on camera, describe a badass event you witnessed or partook in, write us a song, teach us a trick, invent a new internet meme – or do whatever! As long as it involves balls, steel, and some combination of the two.

But please, keep it SFW – if it’s not appropriate for YouTube, it’s not appropriate for our contest!

After uploading the video, post it as a response to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUwkLsmnMeM (shown above)

[If you don’t know how to create a video response – click inside the comment box just like you would if you were leaving a comment, and then click the link that says “Or create a video response” to the right.]

All entries must be received by June 17th at 11:59 PM PDT. Video submissions will be judged by Pixelated Geek staff, and the grand prize winner will be announced June 20th.

So what are you waiting for, Christmas?

[Disclaimer: Pixelated Geek is not liable for any injuries, costs, or legal ramifications the result from your submission to this contest. Please be safe, smart, and responsible regarding your submission.

Any submission to Pixelated Geek’s Balls of Steel E3 Swag Giveaway is a binding agreement to the terms stated above.]