[E3 2011] Thanks to Swagbag Prize Sponsor: AOC

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[E3 2011] Thanks to Swagbag Prize Sponsor: AOC

The biggest item in the E3 Swagbag prize is from our new friends at AOC. A 22″ LED monitor. If you’re in need of a LED monitor, well, make sure your entry to our contest is the best.

AOC: Aire Black LED Monitor
Sleek LED monitor features one of the world’s slimmest display panels

  • 12.7 mm-thin widescreen monitor offers impressive image quality with a 50,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 5ms response time, and a DVI-D with HDCP input for the ultimate HD viewing experience
  • Embedded Screen+ technology lets the user divide the screen into four self-contained work areas
  • EPEAT Gold Certified for its green packaging and production, the monitor consumes only 15 watts of energy on average
  • Built-in VESA stand can be used on a desktop or easily mounted on a wall by folding the stand at its tilt hinge

Available at: Best Buy, Radio Shack, Office Max, Fry’s, TigerDirect/CompUSA and PC Richards
20″ (e2043Fk) $129, 22″ (e2243Fwk) $149, and 23″ (e2343Fk) $179
Website: us.aoc.com