Balls of Steel E3 Swagbag Giveaway Finalists [Contest]

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Balls of Steel E3 Swagbag Giveaway Finalists [Contest]

After 3 weeks, we have narrowed it down to these finalists. We will be announcing and contacting the winner this Monday night.

If your video isn’t below, don’t fret. We have a lot of stuff to give away. Thanks again to all the participants.

Megan doesn’t have “balls” but she definitely knows how to “get down” with a popular dance meme.

Tyler saved the world from an alien invasion. What, you didn’t hear the news or notice the world being in danger? That’s because he already saved it.

GraniteGrizz has an unfortunate problem everywhere he goes.

Dirkamiss knows what the ladies really look for in an interesting man.

Jordan has many examples of his many different types of balls of steel.