[E3 2011] Thanks to Swagbag Prize Sponsor: AViiQ

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[E3 2011] Thanks to Swagbag Prize Sponsor: AViiQ

When we sent the call out for things to stuff into our E3 swagbag prize, AViiQ answered with a nifty little laptop stand.  Sorry, the women in the below pictures do not come with the prizes.

AViiQ: Portable Laptop Stand
World’s thinnest stylish laptop stand folds down to ¼” for exceptional storage and portability

  • Provides optimal ergonomic angle that reduces strain on your wrist and allows air to flow underneath, dissipating heat from the laptop thus improving battery life and computing efficiency
  • Designed to improve visibility, decrease screen glare, and maximize productivity
  • German-made Hylite patented material provides a flexible weightless solution that is extremely durable
  • Folds flat for easy storage access in any laptop bag with a weight of a mere 5.5 ounces (Video Demo)

Available at: aviiq.com
Website: www.aviiq.com