[E3 2011] Thanks to Swagbag Prize Sponsor: PowerSkin®

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[E3 2011] Thanks to Swagbag Prize Sponsor: PowerSkin®

Got an iPhone 4 or Droid/Droid X? Good. We have stuffed a PowerSkin® mobile phone case/charger into the E3 swagbag. Once you put your mobile phone into this bad boy, you’ll have double the power.  And you know what people say about “power.”

PowerSkin®: Shock-Absorbing, Battery-Boosting Smartphone Cases

Cases are designed to be your go-to, go-anywhere, go on-and-on power source, fusing style and superior protection into a slim-fitting smartphone case that doubles battery life

  • PowerSkin® collection includes cases for iPhone 4, HTC EVO, HTC Thunderbolt, Droid X, BlackBerrys, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Vibrant, HTC HD7, myTouch 4G and many other smartphones
  • One piece tough case outfitted with impact-resistant silicone rubber
  • Cases are lightweight, flexible and feature a non-slip grip for ultimate protection
  • XPAL Powered™ battery technology extends talk time anywhere from 4.5 to 8 hours, providing a convenient, compact source of power
  • 100% recycled (except for the battery and internal components)
  • All cases come standard with micro-USB recharge port, on/off button and LED battery status lights

Available at: Power-Skin.com
$49.99 – $79.99
Website: http://www.power-skin.com