[E3 2011] Thanks to Swagbag Prize Sponsor: Ten One Design

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[E3 2011] Thanks to Swagbag Prize Sponsor: Ten One Design

Another item in our huge E3 swagbag that we are giving away, is an iPad accessory by Ten One Design.  If you need that analog stick feel for your iPad gaming needs, this is what you need.  Great for games like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Ten One Design: Fling

Tactile game controller for iPad offers ultimate control over any game with virtual joystick

  • Unique spiral design creates physical resistance to give gamers greater directional control
  • Works with any iPad game with a directional pad, or virtual joystick
  • Transparent and flexible design provides an unrestricted view of all on-screen action
  • Suction cups allow simple on-screen attachment and detachment for spontaneous gaming sessions
  • Included microfiber bag is ideal for on-the-go storage and doubles as a screen cleaning cloth
  • Available with Ice, Ninja or Ultraviolet accents

Available at: TenOneDesign.com
Price: $19.95 (1-pack) or $29.95 (2-pack)
Website: www.TenOneDesign.com