I Love Chains as Much as the Next Guy But…

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I Love Chains as Much as the Next Guy But…

Can I have everyone’s attention please?  Turn off your TV, mute your iTunes, stop playing WoW, and just read this for a minute.  Do I have everyone’s undivided attention?


Now that I do, I have a message for you; by “you” I specifically mean women who like to cosplay.  Ready?  Here it is.

There are other costume options for you to dress up as other than slave Leia!

There I said it.  Geez, that’s a load off my chest, and just to assuage your fears it isn’t just me who thinks this way.

Kaley finds your lack of original costumes... disturbing.Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny in “The Big Bang Theory,” raised her voice and helped make this sentiment better known as well.  As it was put in the YouTube video description: we are all suffering from slave Leia fatigue.  Come on girls, flex those imaginations and be new and exciting people!

Be Shiva from Final Fantasy X (who doesn’t love a girl in blue paint?) or be Lady from the Devil May Cry series (sexy girl plus rocket launcher; do I need to say more?). Be Rachel from the Ninja Gaiden series (dominatrix outfit plus a giant hammer; do you need more of an incentive?)!

Come on girls, there are numerous sexy women to be other than Leia in chains.

Now of course, this isn’t to say that no one should ever be the princess again!  Like Kaley said, all classics should be used, but sparingly and reverently; only break slave Leia out for special occasions.  I know I only break out chains when absolutely necessary.

So what are your suggestions for alternatives for slave Leia?  Chains optional.