Featured Artist: Caleb Cleveland

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Featured Artist: Caleb Cleveland

With Comic Issues attending San Diego Comic Con for the first time this year, you could say our schedule was just a bit crazy. With plenty of things to cover, it was difficult to find time for everything.

We had one goal in mind: locate a featured artist. What was so amazing about the goal was just how easily it was accomplished. All it took was a chance meeting with one of our resident host’s Anthony Silva’s friend, Caleb Cleveland.

After just a short meeting with the guy, Anthony and I knew we had found our artist. Caleb Cleveland has a long history with the art community. Most recently, he was the artist of the Farscape comic book series. He also did the amazing Star Wars artwork for the Comic Issues banner.

We got a chance to sit down with Caleb and talk with him about his artwork and discuss what really makes him draw.

Featured Artist: Caleb Cleveland
Website: http://www.calebcleveland.com
Deviant Art: http://innerabove.deviantart.com/