Top 5 Moments in Halo

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With not one, but two Halo games slated for release this year I have had Halo on the brain lately.  For many gamers of my age group Halo was the game that introduced us to the FPS experience and will always hold a special place in our hearts.  I can still remember learning to use the dual analog sticks to control Master Chief, slowly figuring out what has become a staple of modern gaming.  With Bungie passing the reins on to the guys at 343 Industries, I thought it would be a great time to take a look back at my Top 5 Halo Moments.


5) Final Level of Halo 3

Reminiscent of the fantastic closing level of the original Halo, the final level of Halo 3 is a fitting send-off to Master Chief and Cortana.  With a buddy playing co-op, it’s even more fun, one of you blasting down the Flood as the other does his or her best to avoid exploding platforms while running down masses of the Flood.

The level is pure exhilaration, a time to let loose and just have fun completing the saga of Master Chief.  Also everyone knows ramming enemies with vehicles is always enjoyable.

4) Sgt. Johnson

Sgt. Avery Johnson is everything you want in a sergeant: loud, angry, and always looking for an excuse to chomp on a cigar.  Abrasive and lovable in the movie tradition of endearing hard-nosed Army men, for many people Sgt. Johnson is the heart of the Halo experience.  Whereas Master Chief is a man of few words and forgot what most emotions were years ago, Sgt. Johnson can’t keep quiet about how much he loves killing Covie scum.

Plus the man practically lives to punch Covenant soldiers.  I think that’s something we can all agree is about as good as it gets.


3) Final Level of Halo: Reach

Playing as Noble 6, with a whole group of Spartan friends to pal around with, the game seems fresh and comforting all at the same time.  It’s bittersweet to play the final, sparse level: truly fighting your final battle.  Sacrificing everything for the good of the whole you fight knowing not only is this the final fight for Noble 6, but Bungie’s final Halo fight as well.

A bittersweet yet perfect end to Bungie’s part in the series.


2) The Appearance of the Flood

Great games often have great twists, and Halo: Combat Evolved had a fantastic one.  The Covenant has been raining death upon you for hours now and you are pretty sure that they are the bad guys. Too bad they aren’t the only ones.

The Flood’s sudden and deadly appearance in Halo: Combat Evolved is something everyone remembers from the first game.  Now not only do you have to face a group of aliens with superior technology but you have to fight zombie-alien things who also happen to like to pick up that superior technology and shoot you with it.

Oh and they also love jumping on you.  Just love it.


1)Meeting Dr. Halsey

Halo: Reach had plenty of special moments for longtime fans.  But for fans who have also ventured into the novels perhaps none was more sweet than meeting the mother of the Spartans, Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey.

True to form she is no cowering scientist either; she knows what must be done and uses the Spartans to accomplish her goals.  Even if that means tricking them.  With so much lore surrounding Reach I was curious about how they would incorporate Halsey.  I couldn’t have been happier with how she was portrayed.

Besides, it’s always funny when a small, older woman scolds a seven foot tall Spartan for messing up “her armor.”


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