Mysterious image from new Bioware project

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Mysterious image from new Bioware project

Bioware’s best-known for role-playing titles in fantastic settings: long ago in a galaxy far away, the future Milky Way, the gritty medieval world of Thedas. It makes our first look at their newest project to be announced at the 2011 Video Game Awards show on December 10th even more unusual.

The first image has surfaced, courtesy of GameInformer.

Granted, it’s not much to make a conclusive judgment on. It’s an explosion in a desert, presumably from two vehicles colliding. The poor driver’s gone flying, along with bits of his erstwhile transport.

But what’s interesting is how contemporary the image looks. The flying car chassis looks like an off-road truck, maybe a bit spruced-up with Road Warrior accessorizing. The airborne fellow looks like he’s wearing an ammo belt. Honestly, the image looks rather a lot like something out of Rage or perhaps a cleaner Fallout.

Are we looking at a post-apocalyptic shooter? A racer? an RPG? Hard to say. But it looks like something new-ish for Bioware. (As long as they don’t recycle the Mako’s controls, that is.)

(Thanks to the official VGA site for the header image.)