Comic Issues 1 Year Anniversary Contest!

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Comic Issues 1 Year Anniversary Contest!

Set your Google calenders because a very special day is coming.

A day so epic that it will live in infamy.

On February 10, 2012, your favorite podcast staring the Comic Issues Crew will turn one year old.

Spawned from a glimmer in the eye of four fanboys, Comic Issues has produced 52 podcasts, 300 clones, an unmeasurable amount of Star Wars jokes, and our own brand of mythical Peanut Butter. Comic Issues has brought its listeners hours of entertainment with a little bit of geek news sprinkled on top.  We have covered major events like the San Diego Comic-Con, and the launch of DC’s New 52 while taking the time for important topics such as “What to do in a zombie apocalypse.”  Comic Issues has grown, with the addition of writers and podcasters Leland Pierce and Caleb Cleveland and the arrival of its sister podcast Movie Issues.

There are no words that can describe the thanks that we have for our supportive listeners, so instead we’ve decided to give away more prizes.

How to win:

The contest is simple, just continue to be a fan of Comic Issues.  That it!  “Like” us on Facebook or “Follow” us on Twitter, and you are automatically entered into the contest. You can also “Like” and “Follow” us to increase your chances of winning.  We’ll make a list of everyone’s name from both sites combined (counting double entries), and for every fifty names we’ll pick a winner.  Those winners will each receive a separate prize and unlike anything else given away on Pixelated Geek.

The Prize:

To show the love we have for our listeners each winner will receive a hand drawn and colored 9″x12″ original piece of art requested by the winner from one of the artists of Comic Issues, framed and personally signed.  If you win you can have yourself drawn as a superhero or villain, or maybe you’d like a portrait of the loveable Smacky, Prince of Peanut Butter.

We’ll even draw your favorite comic/movie/fantasy character.  Anything that you want we’ll create for you.

Currently the Facebook page and Twitter page have a combined 213 subscribers, so that means there will be four commissions created.  That doesn’t mean that we can’t have more though, because at every interval of 50 a new winner’s spot will be opened, until February 10th when Comic Issues will host a Live Video Podcast to announce the winners!

We’re very excited to reach a year of podcasting and we’re equally excited to give away a prize that’s this personal.  How many other sites will make art for you, for free?!

Be sure to keep track of the Facebook and Twitter site as we’ll be updating as we get closer to each interval of 50, and don’t miss it when we announce the winners on the Live Video Podcast on February 10th at 6:00pm.