Weekly Geek Question

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Weekly Geek Question

Welcome back, my friends, to Weekly Geek Question, a little article making sure you are not missing out on what is happening in the Comic Issues Community.

This week it’s raining men in comics as talk of Northstar marrying his boyfriend has been a buzz seconded only by DC’s mysterious new legacy gay character.  *Spoiler Alert* It’s Alan Scott, but then again, he isn’t as popular as DC may think he is.

What is popular right now is the trailer for DC’s new Injustice: Gods Among Us, a fighting game featuring 28 of DC’s biggest characters. Just last Thurday Gamespot.com released the teaser trailer for the newest fighting game to come out of NetherRealm, the makers of Mortal Kombat.  Although we’ve seen DC and MK team up before, we’ve never seen DC character go at it like this; so we’ve asked our community:

Geek Question! Looks like we’re getting a badass DC fighting game, maybe Marvel drops the Capcom and takes on their publishing rivals. What DC hero are you looking forward to playing first?

Some of our favorite responses were:

Barrie P. Superman, heat vision all day everyday!

Jeremy H. i’d like to see aquaman throw his trident and skewer his enemy (we’ll call that move “trident harpoon”) and then leap forward grabbing the trident and fling his victim off his trident to where he just came (we’ll call that move “the king cast” which would be just a hip flip move if the trident wasn’t stuck into the person he was fighting.)

Steven H. Batman or Wonder Woman. I’d like to see Batman use a Kryptonite bullet, and Wonder Woman call in her invisible jet.

Let us know what you think of the trailer and game in the comment section below, and if you don’t want to be a week late on the Geek Questions be sure that you’ve Liked us or are Following us.  Every weekday we put up a new Geek Question to get a conversation going.  You can also be mentioned on the podcast when we talk about the same topics there.