Weekly Geek Question!

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Weekly Geek Question!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a sidekick in life?  Many of us probably see our best friends as our own sidekicks, but what if we could upgrade them… WITH LASERS?

That would be pretty amazing, right?  Maybe make them a mobile hotspot so you can always have Wifi no matter where you are.

There have been so many robot sidekicks that it’d be tough to decide on which one you’d want, but that’s what we do here at Comic Issues.  We ask the tough questions!  Get down to brass tacks!  And other such cliches!

So this week for our Geek Question we asked:
Geek Question! If you could have any robot sidekick that currently exists in fiction. Who would it be?

As always we got some great answers:

Barrie P.  Booster Gold’s Skeets . . . He is an awesome cheerleader with built in light show and time travels

Donna S.  Rosie…Jetsons

Roy J.  Don’t need to go fantasy. I’d go straight to my Robotic Operating Buddy. Nintendo never done no wrong! >:D

Victoria L.  BumbleBee from Transformers!!!

Jeremy H.  Ship. Cable’s sidekick that allows him to teleport and time travel

Definitely some solid choices, but no K-9?  No, Marvin from Hitchhikers Guild to the Galaxy?  We’re missing some great robo-sidekicks here.  If you have a favorite then let us know in the comment section below.

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