Mass Effect 3 “Leviathan” DLC confirmed

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Mass Effect 3 “Leviathan” DLC confirmed

Mass Effect fans were blessed with a windfall of new information today courtesy of BioWare. Chief among the announcements: players hungry for another chapter in Commander Shepard’s adventures should keep their eyes peeled for Mass Effect 3: Leviathan, an upcoming single-player story-driven DLC announced today by Bioware. But that’s not all- there were also details about the upcoming Wii U release of Mass Effect 3.

Due later this summer, Leviathan concerns the ancient history of the galaxy-consuming Reapers – and the search for a weapon rumored to be powerful enough to fell one of the ancient spacegoing horrors. Leviathan takes place during the main storyline of Mass Effect 3. Screenshots suggest a somber, oceanic atmosphere, including what seems to be a modified Atlas piloted by Commander Shepard walking upon an ocean floor. How, if at all, it will effect the events of the now-infamous ending remain a mystery.

Leviathan’s announcement press release also promises features like unexplored star systems, new areas aboard the Citadel, and new weapons and characters.

The Wii U can expect to see Mass Effect 3 as a launch title. BioWare promises a new control scheme unique to the Wii U designed to incorporate the Wiipad, and full multiplayer support. Players new to the franchise can lay the groundwork for their Shepard’s story that would have normally been contained in the prior two titles through an interactive backstory. The Wii U release of Mass Effect 3 will ship with the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut.

Players on the existing platforms of Mass Effect 3 can look forward to the release of the Firefight Weapons Pack on August 7th for $2 or 160 Microsoft Points. This will allow them to supplement their single-player arsenal with two brand-new weapons and five bonus weapons – perhaps taken from the multiplayer.

For more information, check out the official press release.