Cosplay Calender by Women of Comicbook Cosplay

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Cosplay Calender by Women of Comicbook Cosplay

As we enter the end of this year, it’ll soon become apparent that there’s a whole new year coming up that will need organizing.  In the past, cavemen would carve tallies into the wall to know how long until their next birthday, but that was then, and now that we’re advanced future men, we can tally on calenders of beautiful women dressed as equally beautiful fictional characters.  All thanks to the Women of Comicbook Cosplay (WoCC) mastermind Derek Fuego, who has given us something new to enjoy every month.

This 13.5 x 19 inch calender features all US/UK/German holidays as well as the birthdays of each model and WoCC.  Made up of fan submissions by the followers of his Tumblr blog, this 12 month calender is now entering its 2nd annual year of awesomeness with the talent of Stacey Rebecca (, Liechee (, Kitty Honey A.K.A Urara Neko (, Jean Gomez (, knightess-rouge (, It’s Raining Neon (, Marie Grey (, Scarlett Sit (, Bethany Maddock (, Destiny Nickelsen (, Freddie Nova (, and Lopti (

Now’s probably the time where you may be asking yourself, “Hey self, where can I get that sweet calender?”  Well lucky for you, all you have to do is follow this link HERE.  You should also follow WoCC’s Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter for special discount codes.

Derek and WoCC have been great supporters of Comic Issues and we’re more than happy to help support him in return.  I can’t wait to trade in my old J. Scott Cambell calender for some real hot ladies.