Starcraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate

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Starcraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate

From Ryan Winzen and the hard-working team over at Upheaval Arts comes an awesome new trailer for Starcraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate, a total conversion mod for Starcraft II! Check out brand new trailer right here!

Starcraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate is a full conversion of Starcraft II, featuring a MMO experience inside Blizzard’s juggernaut real-time-strategy title. It’s a labor of love years in the making, and features the work of some incredible artists, some emergent and some that you might just recognize.

Starcraft Universe sports full CG cutscenes from Freespace, the awesome artist who brought us Final Metamorphosis (a completely original and brilliant CG Starcraft Fanfilm). The mod is fully-voiced as well, and you might recognize some of the voice actors. Notably, they include Michael Gough, one of the most prolific voice-over artists of our time, whose work is featured in everything from Starcraft to Diablo all the way back to the brilliance that is Darkwing Duck. The score is from David Orr, of Castle Crashers fame.

Check out the Upheaval Arts website right here. They definitely deserve your support and attention, and you can help them out here!