[E3 2013] DICE’s Battlefield 4 Promises Incredible Environmental Destruction, 64 Player Count

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[E3 2013] DICE’s Battlefield 4 Promises Incredible Environmental Destruction, 64 Player Count

Ask any FPS-gamer which next-generation shooter they’re most looking forward to, and the response will almost certainly include Digital Illusions CE military juggernaut Battlefield 4. DICE has been making incredibly-polished multi-player titles for longer than most of us have been able to pick up a controller.


At this week’s E3, DICE has revealed a deluge of new footage from the title, and it’s looking every bit as bad-ass as we hoped.



During the Xbox ONE press conference, DICE showed the following “Angry Sea” sequence from the campaign of Battlefield 4, promising that portion of the title will be a great point of focus for the veteran Swedish development house. It certainly seems to be a good move in terms of bringing the campaign in line with the cinematic quality of other competitors in the genre.



At EA’s E3 2013 Press Conference, DICE revealed a slick game-play montage of its multi-player, featuring some of the most impressive environmental destructibility in gaming, and has also confirmed the rumor that Battlefield 4 will finally support up to 64 players in its next-gen console formats, a feature that has long set the PC version of the franchise apart. It seems the current-gen systems will remain at 16 vs. 16.



Perhaps the most exciting announcement is that the fan favorite Commander mode from Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 will return in Battlefield 4. For those of you that never experienced it directly, Commander mode allows one of the members of a multi-player team to act as a battlefield commander, strategically issuing orders to the squads, and has access to a number of incredibly effective tools like UAVs, Artillery, and Supply Drops.


Here’s hoping that level of destruction isn’t a limited element, or reserved to certain structures. Regardless, it’s an impressive demonstration of what the Frostbyte 3 engine is capable of. No word on when Fox News will discover their outrage at the realistic destruction of a skyscraper but stay tuned, we’ll be here to mock them mercilessly when they do.


DICE is unleashing Battlefield 4 on PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox ONE on October 29, 2013.