The Villainous Lair’s Best Comics of 2013

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The Villainous Lair’s Best Comics of 2013

Happy New Years Comic Fans,

This year  has been an amazing year for comics. On behalf of the Villainous Lair we bring to you in no particular order the ten “best”  titles of 2013. These spectacular titles run the gamut from main stream Marvel and DC superhero staples to newer independent titles brought to us by many up and comers as well. Many of these titles should come as no surprise because of the writers and artists involved in them for example, who hasn’t heard of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead ? But for us, every one of these titles has been nothing short of amazing for the stories they have told. This year has brought a few surprises as well, Terry Moore who is known for his highly acclaimed Strangers in Paradise has taken an amazing and dark turn into the supernatural with his newest  offering Rachel Rising. Image comics has had hit after hit this year and Brian K Vaughn’s Saga is no exception.

The following titles will prove to be both interesting and compelling reads. I am filled with awe and reverence for this wonderful hobby called comic collecting. I also look forward to the coming year of ground breaking titles. Whether you are a casual reader or a dyed in the wool comic aficionado you will find something fun and interesting to read on this list. As of this posting Stan the Man Lee has celebrated his 91’st birthday and I wish him so many more for helping to bring all of our favorite comic characters to life and into the main stream. Excelsior Stan, Excelsior!

New Avengers

New Avengers has been a lot of fun to read for the darker and edgier content with the Illuminati having to make very difficult decisions to keep the 616 universe from the brink of destruction. The interplay of the members of the Illuminati proves to be a compelling story.

Avengers Arena

Avengers Arena has taken the idea of the movie Battle Royale and brought a hopeful and hopeless feel to this title as many of the younger heroes of the marvel Universe fight for their own survival at the expense of their own allies and friends leaving little room for classic heroism yet opening up many newer takes on heroics in the face of adversity.


Hawkeye is everyone’s favorite archer sans any other Avengers. With a very dynamic art style and clever writing this has been quite the page turner as he steps in and out of both action and danger with every wise cracking joke hitting its mark just as often as his arrows.

Detective Comics

Batman Detective always has some of the best writers and artist Dc has to offer. Detectives last arc of A Death in the Family was a very different take on Batman and his usual dynamic with any other Robin since Damien was his biological son.

Justice League

Justice League has been one of the New 52’s best reboots to any of its titles giving us a fresh take on a powerful team that doesn’t quite like itself but still gets the job done. What makes this a fun read is that they get to find  out about each other and make some very different choices with how they approach the team dynamic, while trying to figure out if they actually want to become a team to begin with.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad has been great for the opposite reason, they grow on each other and struggle to find a balance that works well while being under the gaze and thumb of Amanda Waller a well known heavy of the DC Universe.


Saga is an amazingly drawn and written story about to very different peoples at war with each other and a couple that find love and family despite this. While they try to raise a child who would be killed by either faction.

The Walking Dead

What more can I say about Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead that hasn’t been said already ? It just keeps getting better. If you like the show read the series, you won’t regret it.

Rachel Rising

Rachel  Rising is a supernatural thriller with many surprises  that will keep you guessing what will happen next. Drawn in a beautiful and stark black and white contrats to amazing effect by author/artist Terry Moore who draws women better than anyone in the industry.