Dark Horse Previews: Pariah and Veil

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Dark Horse Previews: Pariah and Veil

In late February and early March Dark Horse will release the first issues of two new books: Pariah, a new mini-series from the creators of the hit web-comic of the same name; and Veil, a creator-owned horror series from Eisner Award-winning author Greg Rucka.

Pariah #1
Written by Aron Warner and Philip Gelatt, art by Brett Weldele
Available February 26, 2014
Trapped in space, the genetically engineered geniuses known as “vitros” must band together and create a plan to get back to Earth before their failing satellite turns into a deathtrap.Pariah1

I’m looking forward to jumping back into the world of Pariah. The first trade paperback of the hit webcomic was released December 31, and now fans get an 8-issue miniseries that continues where the trade paperback left off.

Warner and Gelatt have created a really interesting world, where genetially engineered “Vitros” have been blamed for a deadly explosion. The super-genius abilities that caused them to be so mistrusted by normal people are now the only thing that can save them from being rounded up, exiled, or worse.

Weldele has a loose, sketchy style, showing lots of detail close up but stylized in long shots; this keeps his panels from getting cluttered despite his beautifully intricate backgrounds. He’s very good with changing light sources, and with drawing the characters from different perspectives; it makes for a very dynamic flow to the story.

On an interesting side note, check out the webisodes that were created to go with the web comic. They’re short, interesting, and really well-made.

Veil #1
Written by Greg Rucka, art by Toni Fejzula
Available March 5, 2014
A beautiful girl wakes up in an abandoned subway station with no Veil Covermemory of how she got there. When men try to hurt her . . . they wind up dead. Where did she come from? And what is she capable of? An all-new series from Eisner Award–winning writer Greg Rucka.

I’ve been curious about this one ever since it was announced at NYCC 2013. Curious and nervous, because Dark Horse has been promising a heroine that can stand up next to such characters and Buffy and River Tam. That’s a heck of a promise, I’m hoping for the best.

Fejzula’s art seems to be living up to expectations at any rate, based on the few pages released. The mix of strong cartoonish lines, outlined shadows, and smooth features makes it look a little like an animation cell in each panel. I like the effect.

Book descriptions courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.