BioWare Teases New Game

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BioWare Teases New Game

Some BioWare fans were suprised this morning to find a cryptic email and video in their inbox. Simply titled, “You’ve been chosen”, it linked to this interesting teaser trailer for what appears to be a new game from BioWare.

The YouTube description also came with this statement:

The time is near
They are watching
Your power is rising
Cologne, Germany
You’ve Been Chosen

There is much speculation regarding what this all could mean. The website mentioned in the teaser, when we clicked on it, gave a server error. So, not much information other than what we can see. It appears that EA and BioWare might be going the path of Valve and releasing ARGs to announce their next titles.

What do you think this might be about? What kind of game would you like to see BioWare make? What can you figure out from the hints?