Comic Issues #190 — Saga of the Magneto

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Comic Issues #190 — Saga of the Magneto

Do you have a fictional hero that comes from your town?  Would you want a statue of him/her in a public place?  Of course you would, that would be awesome!  This week Anthony and Elizabeth talk about Edmonton’s petition to erect a statue of the Canadian hero, Milo Manara’s future Marvel Comic variants all being canceled in the wake of the “Ass Cleavage Scandal”, as I’m calling it, and of course some of our favorite comics of the last week.

If you haven’t read Saga #23, Magneto #10, or Guardians of the Galaxy #19 then spoilers be warned!  Fans of My Little Pony or Alien should stick to the end… or if you’re a fan of both.. it could happen.

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