Comics Issues #199 – The One Before 200

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Comics Issues #199 – The One Before 200

HAVE YOU SEEN THAT STAR WARS EPISODE VII TEASER!! Yeah, you probably have, but here it is again *Lightsaber Noise*.  This week Anthony and Elizabeth have full on nerdgasms over the just released teaser and all of its tri-saber, rollie droid, X-Wing water skimming goodness!!  The future is looking bright for a galaxy far far away!  Too bad for dinosaur theme parks aren’t having as good of a time.  The Jurassic World trailer also sent ripples through the glass of water that is this podcast.

We also read some comics…

DC makes a big splash this week with Gotham by Midnight #1, a GCPD meets Supernatural ongoing series with only a glimpse of The Bat.  The biggest strength behind the book is the skin crawling artwork by Ben Templesmith, who’s work on 30 Days of Night and Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse makes him a clear choice to team up with macabre writer Ray Fawkes who’s been writing’s DC’s Constantine.  The podcast hero and heroine also continue on with the biggest dick of the Marvel U, Superior Iron Man.  Together they ponder how despicable one man can get and how long can it last?  Luckily they fell in love with IDW’s new Ray Bradbury dedicated series Shadow Show #1, even if it was a little heartbreaking.

All this and more on the eve of our 200th episode, be sure to join us this Saturday at 2:00 for the greatest podcast ever!

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