Comic Issues #205 – Ant-Memetic

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Comic Issues #205 – Ant-Memetic

Mark the calendars, DC Comics has impressed your favorite geeky podcaster this week with the news of both the Vixen digitally animated show coming to The CW and Tanya Spears, the new African-American Power Girl.  Kudos to the much criticized publication, but will it pan out for the fans, time will have to tell with that one.

Not to be missed though, Marvel takes the cake with the release of both the ant-sized Ant-Man teaser, only to be later followed by the human-sized Ant-Man trailer (SO MANY HYPHENS!).   Listen in as the podcasting  duo debate the merits and faults of our first look at Marvel’s next solo superhero film.

Also this week Ant-Man #1, Memetic #3, Legendary StarLord #7, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1, and Transformers: Timelines #10 all get reviewed for both quality and awesomeness.

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