Preview – Transformers #39: Combiner Wars Opening Salvo

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Preview – Transformers #39: Combiner Wars Opening Salvo

The Autobots and Decepticons’ uneasy peace is threatened by the flames of war! Starscream – ruler of Cybertron – makes contact with Windblade’s homeworld – and the only defense against a new Cybertronian Empire are Combiners – multiple Cybertronians forming together into huge, dangerous forms.

See below for a preview of Transformers #39, the first chapter in the Combiner Wars.

Reviewer’s Note: Livio’s art, with Casey’s colors, are as delicious as you could possibly want. Even if you haven’t been following Transformers (formerly Robots in Disguise) or More Than Meets The Eye, or Windblade, if you’re a Generation 1 Transformers fan you’ll love this comic. It’s beautiful, the writing is excellent, and the plot promises an epic event that any Transformers fan will love.

Writer: John Barber
Art: Livio Ramondelli
Colors: Casey W. Coller
In stores now