Pixel Clicks Podcast #11 – Check this s*** out!

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Pixel Clicks Podcast #11 – Check this s*** out!

Hey you wonderful people, it’s time for the Pixel Clicks Podcast!

PCP is a gaming podcast in which Jordan, a gaming writer for Pixelated Geek, and his friends Cody, the ambassador of the PC master race, Shane, the one born of the good blood, and Sergio, the director and improve comedian, discuss the week in gaming news! Or at least try to.

This week the guys talk about new release Mortal Kombat X and the DLC controversy surrounding it, GTAV on PC breaking the record for most concurrent players for a non-Valve game, whether or not you should play Titan Souls, Guitar Hero Live being announced and if it can stand up against Rock Band 4, the trailer Star Wars Battlefront 3, and rumors for Mass Effect 4. It was a jam-packed week and the guys somehow manage not to dissect the new Star Wars and Batman v Superman trailers.

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