Comic Issues #223 – Thor Reveals the Converging War

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Comic Issues #223 – Thor Reveals the Converging War

After some technical difficulty Anthony and Elizabeth take a second shot this week at bringing to you the biggest of last weeks comics and the what’s been happening on the internet with CBS’s Supergirl series.

First up the Supergirl trailer hit the inter-tubes last week to both excitement and disappointment.  The 6 minute “First Look” has people damning the Greg Berlanti (Flash, Arrow) show for its first 3 minutes playing the paint by numbers game that every formulaic romantic comedy follows.  From carrying her bosses coffee with an unassuming ponytail, to a co-worker awkwardly asking her on a date fans seemed mostly angry, but your podcast heroes are here to explain why you should be excited.

Also this week, Convergence #7 shows signs of improvement after 7 previous issues of boring, Secret Wars #2 sinks its teeth deeper into your podcasting heroes, and the secret identity of the new Thor is finally revealed in Thor #8 (we were almost right!).

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