Night Vale Recap: Episode 67 “[Best Of?]”

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Night Vale Recap: Episode 67 “[Best Of?]”

Cecil has left for the Desert Otherworld, so we’re given a retrospective of Cecil’s best clips. Except, we’ve never heard any of them before. There’s a good chance no one has heard them before. Especially that last one…

Join the twins as they recap Welcome to Night Vale episode 67 “[Best Of?]”

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Kathryn did the research, and found out that the tape the guest announcer was using is called a fidelipac cartridge, there’s more info about it on wikipedia here, and Kathryn used an image of one in the banner. The sound you hear in between the segments is a fidelipac, and if you wait until the very very very end of “[Best Of?]” you’ll hear it again. We found that out because the commenters on podbay are amazing.

You can download episode 67 of Welcome To Night Vale here or find them on iTunes.

Welcome to Night Vale‘s main website is here.