Comic Issues #228 – The New New 52

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Comic Issues #228 – The New New 52

It’s a podcast of many 1st times!  While Elizabeth is out on an amazing adventure, Ci-staple Leland from Movie Issues has stepped in to keep her seat warm for the week and to sit with Anthony FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!  Also for the first time DC has taken over the podcast with only a couple books from Marvel and many more from the new experimental DCYou, what kind of Bizzaro World is this?!

On this week’s pull list is, Old Man Logan #2, Thors #1, Black Canary #1, Robin Son of Batman #1, Superman / Wonder Woman #1, and Justice League of America #1.  Listen in as the conversation swings from Happy Days to Marvel’s end of days as these two comic loving geeks ask WHY THE HELL TWIX IS RUINING DC’S BOOKS!?

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