Mad Max – E3 Story Trailer

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Mad Max – E3 Story Trailer

Leave it to another outlier game at E3 to get me all excited again. Last year it was Shadows of Mordor (another Warner Bros game,) a game that lots of people praised but was totally out of left field and a surprise hit. This year I have a feeling that Mad Max will be similar, much like the movie just a month ago (which was awesome and I highly recommend). Hit the link to see the new trailer!

Mad Max Banner

The story trailer sets us up pretty well for what to expect in the games single player campaign. You are the eponymous Max ; an evil warlord named Scrotus (fitting for this universe) is in your way. And in a world which lives and breathes death and destruction in order to survive,  he has to die for you to get ahead. It also heavily showcases the car combat element of gameplay, which I think will end up being the major selling point of the game along with customization of said car that you drive. And of course, perhaps most importantly, it shows once and for all that Max will have an Australian accent! Shout out to Avalanche Studios for putting that to rest.

Mad Max releases on September 1st this year and I can’t wait to get shiny and chrome with all those War Boys!