Binary System #4 – Getting Ready for Comic-Con

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Binary System #4 – Getting Ready for Comic-Con

This week we’re ditching the formula and just rambling some rambles, since a new Night Vale episode dropped (*checks watch*) yesterday, which didn’t leave us enough time to listen to it, record a recap, and post it without the aid of a TARDIS or Time Turner. (If you know where we can rent one, please leave a message in the comments. We will worship you if we get one.)

So instead, we have a quick talk about how San Diego Comic-Con starts up in one week, some Convention tips, what we’ve got planned, what we hope to see, and how many Welcome To Night Vale cosplay photos we want to take. (Answer: all of them. Please let us know if you’ll be there in your Night Vale cosplay, we really want to get your photo.)

Check back in next week for the newest Welcome To Night Vale recap!

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