Comic Issues #230 – Peeking at Post Secret Wars

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Comic Issues #230 – Peeking at Post Secret Wars

It’s Comic-Con weekend and if you’re in line for Hall H, under the blistering sun, take this time to share us with the people around you. Make a friend and a fellow Ci Fan. Okay, enough about us…

This week your podcast heroes hit up Marvel’s big preview book of Post-Secret Wars titles featuring all new teams on the page and behind the panels.  From Deadpool on an Avengers book to Bendis-less X-Men books there’s a lot going on and together Anthony and Elizabeth barely scratch the surface of what’s to come this fall.  In this week’s pull list is of course the unstoppable Secret Wars #4, Years of Future Past #2, A-Force #2, Marvel’s Li’l AvX #2, and Chrononauts #4!

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