Movie Issues SDCC Fun-Times!

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Movie Issues SDCC Fun-Times!

The San Diego Comic-Con may be a fresh memory in the minds of over 150,000 geeks, nerds and all other manner of fans, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still share the fun.  Your Ol’ Pal Spooky here has got the Movie Issues Gallery showcasing our favorite sights from the floor including cosplay, statues, toys, and more from your favorite host Leland, our favorite podcast-pal Don Presley, and of course Spooky spotting all the great stuff.

Get some snacks and strap in, kids, this gallery’s a big one. But we’re betting it’s the only one on Pixelatedgeek with a Dr. Frankenfuter pissing off some Holy Rollers.

If you see yourself, one of your friends, or your favorite cosplayer then let us know at so we can give credit where credit’s due.  And if you’d like a Hi-Res copy of a photo we have of you we can email it back.

Wow, you made it to the bottom.  You’re a trooper, now share this link with your friends and see if they’ve got the resolve that you do.

[Photos by Don Presley are used with permission]
[Photos by Movie Issues are also used with permission, duh]