SDCC 2015 – Tips and Tricks for San Diego Comic-Con

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SDCC 2015 – Tips and Tricks for San Diego Comic-Con

My nerd heart is so excited that Comic-Con 2015 is almost here, but there are a lot of preparations that need to happen if you attend. Whether you are attending one day, all days, or are just going downtown to experience the craziness, these tips and tricks will help make your Comic-Con experience as enjoyable as possible.

If you are staying or live anywhere other than downtown San Diego think about using mass transit.

  • The trolley has a special green line that runs extended hours during Comic-Con.
  • You can download the MTS app and pay for a pass that is for all days or single day passes.
  • Make sure you keep your pass with you because they do check as you enter the trolley. Also, make sure if you use the mobile app that your phone is charged so you can show your ticket.
  • The MTS Mobile app has any option you would like for passes.


Click here for more information about San Diego’s Transit system and schedules.


Every Nerd that has attended Comic-Con in the past knows that the food inside the Convention Center is overpriced and well, crap.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes nachos with canned cheese or a hot dog is just what you need, but luckily the Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter has many fabulous restaurants all within walking distance. Some you won’t even need to look up on that smartphone of yours; you can just go outside and look across the street and see them.

My personal favorite is Tin Fish; it is right across the street from the Convention Center at the trolley stop so you can’t miss it. Last year NBC had that entire area branded, so Tin Fish was covered in The Blacklist. James Spader’s character, Red, was plastered all over the building: not a bad thing to look at while eating a fabulous fish taco if you ask me.

SDCC 2014 The Black List Tin Fish

Check out for more great dining places as well as fun stuff to do.

Device Charging

Well, lets just say this is a challenge.  There are very few outlets for charging your device in the Convention Center. My suggestion is a portable charger; they are life savers, especially if you camp out in the Hall H or Ballroom 20 lines.

Hall H and Ballroom 20

Yes, people camp out. Last year Benedict Cumberbatch was part of the DreamWorks panel on Thursday at 10am, the first Hall H panel of SDCC 2014.  No joke, I went to get my badge on Wednesday night and there were all sorts of people camped out.  Last year was the first year for the wristbands and it worked well, and the wristbands have returned for 2015.  So grab your pillow and your playing cards and get in that line to wait for the chance to get close to your favorite crush’s panel. The Doctor Who panel probably already has a line started.

These are just a few tips and tricks I have for you. If you have a specific question you can ask anything in the comments below and I will respond.  Stay nerdy my friends.