Two Geeks and a Podcast #Nine – Tabletop 101 @ Gam3rCon

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Two Geeks and a Podcast #Nine – Tabletop 101 @ Gam3rCon

Last week at Gam3rCon was host to the VERY FIRST Two geeks and a Podcast panel where Ashley offered up her experience on getting into Tabletop.  Joined by Gam3rCon’s C.O.O. Brendan MacNeil and moderated by Anthony, the three geeks get into what Tabletop is and how it can mean different things to different people and where people can begin.  Listen in and Ashley and Brendan talk everything from Shoots and Ladders to Netrunner, all while Anthony throws candy into the audience!

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Intro and Outro music is “Doctor Who Rock” by our new favorite band, Awesome City Limits!