Comic Issues #236 – Secret Revelations

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Comic Issues #236 – Secret Revelations

On the eve of this weekend’s Nerd Con your podcasting hero and heroine are excited to bring the show to another live audience. We’ll be hitting the second stage at 12:30, but you’ll want to be there as the doors open for what’s looking to be a nerd-tastic time!

As for this week we tip the scales onto the back half of Secret Wars with its 5th issue, learn more about what’s happening to Bruce Wayne in Batman #43, patiently await the outcome of Planet Hulk, believe a man can fly again in Action Comics #43, ride along with the women of A-Force, and rapid fire through Years of Future Past Ghost Racers!

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And mark your calendars for August 22, 12:30 at Nerd Con in Escondido, we’ll be having a live show! Come be a part of the recording and get candy thrown at you!