Comic Issues #237 – Nerd-Con 2015 LIVE!

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Comic Issues #237 – Nerd-Con 2015 LIVE!

This week Anthony and Elizabeth travel up the treacherous Interstate 15 to complete their perilously long 20 mile journey to be at part of Nerd-Con 2015. They didn’t travel alone though, joined by Leland, host of Movie Issues, and Jordan Pollock, host of the Pixel Clicks Podcast, the quantum quartet took to the stage at Nerd-Con to talk all about themselves and the many podcasts that including Binary Sysetem Podcast Two Geeks and a Podcast!

That’s not all as we also got a brief but fun interview with the much admired cosplayer, Loki Hates Youfollowing the live show. Together Anthony and Loki talk about karaoke, cosplay, and why geek is the best business to be in. (Also a brief guest appearance by “Tom Hiddleston”)

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