Binary System Podcast #12 – WTNV Episode 74 “Civic Changes”

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Binary System Podcast #12 – WTNV Episode 74 “Civic Changes”

We’re back, for the second podcast in as many weeks! This time we’re listening to a Welcome To Night Vale episode that calls back to a lot of old favorites (The Dog Park, Emergency Press Conferences, the big hole in the vacant lot behind the Ralph’s) and gives a brief introduction to a new intern who might have the savvy needed to survive an internship at the Night Vale Community Radio (now that we’ve said that it’ll probably be another half episode before she’s carried off by a pack of intelligent oranges.)

Join the twins as they recap the episode and then talk about their progress in catching up with Sense8 and Doctor Who. (The City Council would also like us to SHUT UP ABOUT THE DOG PARK.)

(Also, there’s a revise to the Binary System Drinking Game. It’s one drink every time you hear a siren in Elizabeth’s neighborhood. You should NOT drink when you hear traffic noises: traffic was rerouted in the area due to construction, and we don’t want anyone to get alcohol poisoning. Remember: Drink To Forget, but Drink Responsibly. This has been: Traffic.)

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