12 All-New, All-Different Comics To Be Excited for

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12 All-New, All-Different Comics To Be Excited for

Similar to the War on Crime, the Secret Wars is on pace to never end; at least not any time soon. That won’t stop the next age of Marvel from showing comic book readers how many words they can fit into a header. Beginning October 7th, the All-New All-Different Age of Marvel begins with Avengers #0, All-New All-Different Point One #1, Doctor Strange #1, and Contest of Champions #1. These books will be setting the pace for the gaggle of books to follow over the next several months.

The immense selection can be daunting and with so many things changed it may be tough to figure out what’s worth risking your hard earned nerd-bucks on. Allow us to be your Samwise and help carry that burden for you. Here are 10 All-New All-Different Marvel books that we’re excited for… in no particular order.

Rocket-Raccoon-and-Groot-1-Cover-74350-600x911Rocket Raccoon and Groot (w) Skottie Young (a) Filipe Andrade

Last year a little indie movie called Guardians of the Galaxy helped make Rocket and Groot household names, so Marvel quickly jumped on that wave and released a Rocket Raccoon monthly series. Written by the reincarnation of Tex Avery, Skottie Young (who we suspect was bored and looking to fill the time when he wasn’t drawing EVERY COVER FOR MARVEL), Young took the smart-mouthed raccoon and stoic but lovable walking topiary and sent them on the adventures that Calvin and Hobbes didn’t dare to dream. Rich with genuine heartfelt moments, laugh out loud dialogue, and classic comic book adventure, Rocket has been an excellent book to break up the dark and moody books that surround it on the shelves. The good thing about this new Rocket and Groot book is that nothing has changed! Young continues to write it and Filipe will continue with art duties, making a beautiful ballet of over the top antics and true friendship.

Coming in December


Marvel-Guardians-of-Infinity-comic-coverGuardians of Infinity (w) Dan Abnett (a) Carlos Barberi Back-up Story (w) Jason Latour (a) Jim Cheung

Dan Abnett has taken the Guardians to some far off adventures and the same for Guardians 3000, but beginning in December he’ll be taking his chocolate and peanut butter and giving them the timestream swirl with a new Guardians team of the past, Guardians 1000! The core team will consist of Rocket, Groot, and Drax, but that will only be the beginning of the fun. Guardians of Infinity will also include back up stories beginning with Rocket and new Guardian, Ben Grimm, as they land on a planet full of warriors of the squared circle.

With the drama squad of Gamora, Agent Venom and Star-Lord missing from the line up, I’m expecting interstellar hi-jinx as only Rocket and Abnett can deliver. The addition of the back up stories will bump the price tag up another dollar, but if that means stories like Grimm and Rocket and wrestling planets, then shut up and take my money.

Coming in December


AFORCE_1_Cover-600x926A-Force (w) G. Willow Wilson (a) Jorge Molina

Easily one of our Top 5 books of Secret Wars, A-Force has one of the best line ups with six of the most unique characters in Marvel. Continuing onward into the Post Secret Wars world, She-Hulk, Medusa (now alive), Nico Minoru, Dazzler, Captain Marvel, and their newest addition, the walking mystery called Singularity, will undoubtedly continue kick ass and chew bubblegum. (Bubblegum not included)

There’s no word on what new adventures the A-Force will be facing, but Wilson will be there to helm the ship with her trusted first mate, Jorge Molina. Even with the book losing its faithful navigator Marguerite Bennett, Wilson’s work on Ms. Marvel and Air leave me feeling excited see where this book is heading.  She-Hulk is leading the team afterall and is a role I think she’s been long over due for.

Coming this Fall


All-New-All-Different-AvengersAll-New All-Different Avengers (w) Mark Waid (a) Adam Kubert & Mahmud Asrar

This book is exciting because I think it embodies the All-New, All-Different line the best. Just look at that line up…Thor (Jane Foster), Captain America, (Sam Wilson), Iron Man, Vision, with new additions Ultimate Spider-man (Miles Morales), Ms. Marvel and Nova! Most of these masks have been Avengers before but with new heroes under those masks makes everything…different.

Trust in Marvel though, as recent Harvey Award winner (and lets face it, LEGEND) Mark Waid is writing with the endless talents of both Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar as well. It almost doesn’t matter what the story is, I’m guaranteed already to buy at least six issues of this just to see how these characters interact with each other.

Coming this January


4806680-spider-gwen_1_coverSpider-Gwen (w) Jason Latour (a) Robbi Rodriguez & Rico Renzi

Gwen Stacy has seen new life this year, which is pretty good for previously being a dead chick. The one time love of Peter Parker got a second chance in Spider-Verse as another dimension’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Woman. Jason Latour expanded on Spider-Gwen’s popularity with her own series exploring the intrigue of the “What If?” world and captured the same intense curiosity that Brian Michael Bendis effortlessly controlled in most of his Ultimate Spider-man run. Latour has just started to scratch the surface of what we’ll see, but he’s already done a good job to not retread on previous Spider-man history and put established characters in new but familiar roles.

I can’t say how long I’ll continue to be excited about Spider-Gwen, but everything so far has been pretty great, however how many successful reincarnations of Spider-man can there really be? *cough…Ben Reilly…cough* My worry is that we’ll eventually fall back on classic Spidey-storylines, but for now I love watching the world grow and the popularity of Spider-Gwen swing upwards.

Coming October 14th, 2015


unnamedDoctor Strange (w) Jason Aaron (a) Chris Bachalo

From the man who brought Thor back to the front line of Marvel’s elite titles, then replaced him with a woman who’s debatably surpassed the Odinson’s popularity, comes the grand return of the Sorcerer Supreme! Aaron’s plan to put the magic back into Strange is properly timed with only 13 months until his big screen debut and stepping up his look by adding a little extra to his arsenal, LOOK AT THAT AXE!  …and then there’s Chris Bachalo!

Probably one of the podcast’s Top 5 favorite artists, Bachalo’s creativity when it comes to storytelling is nearly unparalleled.  This is the book you’ll have to read upright, sideways, inside out, and probably with those old red and blue 3-D glasses.  I’m bettering we’ve never seen the Astral Plane like we will through Bachalo’s artwork.  Plus, the Marvel U’s been sorely missing a bit of the old hocus pocus (sorry, Brother Voodoo), so it’s going to be amazing to see the good doctor back in the spotlight.  This might be one of the books I’m most excited for.

Coming October 7th, 2015


Invincible_Iron_Man_1_Schiti_Young_Guns_VariantInvincible Iron Man (w) Brian Michael Bendis (a) David Marquez

Although Iron Man may be the snarky yet charming face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the comic he’s more of an annoying catalyst for trouble, think more Age of Ultron over original Avengers, and after his Inversion, well he’s a bit lost cause. Lucky for Tony, he’s getting a breath of new life from Marvel’s finest, Brian Michael Bendis. Looking to shake up the old Iron Man, Bendis has mentioned his plans to introduce the two things ol’ Shellhead’s been needing most. New Friends and New Enemies.

Nearly everything Bendis touches turns to gold, so the excitement for the new Invincible Iron Man can largely be laid on him. Teaming up with artist David Marquez will be the icing on the cake that’ll celebrate the birth of the new Iron Man.  Hopefully this will also lift him back up to comic book-fan favorite and meet the level that his celluloid counterpart has been enjoying.

Coming October 7th, 2015


559e8a4febd50The Mighty Thor (w) Jason Aaron (a) Russell Dauterman

THE OLD THOR IS UNWORTHY! LONG LIVE THE NEW THOR! In what many people thought was a sales gimmick or even pandering, the new female Thor has been an explosion since the first issue. Jason Aaron took everything we’d come to expect from the God of Thunder and made it new again while also driving readers insane with the mystery of who the new Thor was beneath the helmet.

Well now that we know we can’t let it rest, readers need more of the new Thor and her adventures. I’m really excited to see how her interactions with the rest of the Marvel universe will go. We know she’ll be an Avenger, but she’ll have a challenge that not many heroes are directly dealing with like they used to. Thor’s secret identity has to come into play in a big way and how others will react will be interesting to read… and we STILL need to know why Thor is unworthy of Mjolnir!!

Coming this November


Howling_Commandos_of_SHIELD_1_CoverHowling Commandos of SHIELD (w) Frank Barbiere (a) Brent Schoonover

I love it when the major publishers come out with something that’s just skewed from their normal routine. Books like these rarely last long, but can be the most fun to read, so enter an L.M.D. of Dum Dum Dugan, Hit Monkey, Teen Abomination, Man-Thing, Warwolf, Vampire by Night, Manphibian, Zombie Jasper Sitwell, and Orrogo.

Leave all the super heroics to the Avengers, gimme sci-fi and horror stories with these guys. I wanna see the self-awareness of the good Scream movies and the twists of the classic Twilight Zone episodes. Show me some weird stuff then make that weird stuff fight some other weird stuff.  The last thing this book needs is to take itself too seriously and include “am I man or am I monster” stories or forbidden love triangles.  Lets bring in 10 year old Barbiere and let him plot out stories while Schoonover uses an enchanted pencil to make those stories come to life.  Is it too late to bring back FrankenCastle?

Coming October 28th, 2015


Angela_Queen_of_Hel_1_Hans_VariantAngela: Queen of Hel (w) Marguerite Bennett (a) Kim Jacinto & Stephanie Hans

“Hel hath a new fury” is all we need to be excited about Vol. 2 of Angela’s solo book. Judging by that line and the the new title of the book, we’re assuming that after the events that ended Vol. 1 of Asgard’s Assassin Angela won’t let a little thing like the Secret Wars stand in her way to a bloody rampage to get Sera back and not even Hel herself will be able to stop her.

It’s funny to think that if anyone mentioned Angela five years ago, she’d probably be described as, “That Spawn chick with the red hair?” Now Angela, in all her incarnations, is one of the podcast’s favorite books. Thanks in no small part to the mesmerizing artwork from Stephanie Hans, the book has a unique vibe to it that makes it feel unlike other Marvel books while still coexisting among them. With Bennett now being the sole writer on the book, we’re excited to see how the lawful Angela will rule over Hel and what consequences her actions will bring.

Coming October 28th, 2015


Extraordinary_X-Men_1_CoverExtraordinary X-Men (w) Jeff Lemire (a) Humberto Ramos

It’s hard not to get excited over new X-Men books…Now add that anticipation to the astonishing talents of Jeff Lemire and Humberto M. Ramos and how could we NOT be foaming at the mouth? Add the talk about mutants and Inhumans at odds with each other for some mystery reason and a super-powered brawl on the horizon?! Come on! *mic drop *

Lemire, who’s been telling an amazing story of Li’l Hawkeye in the All-New Hawkeye book, is also well-known for his work at DC on Green Arrow, Animal Man, and Sweet Tooth at Image. Ramos has been a Spider-Man staple for over a decade, so to see him shift gears and draw the X-Men in a series has us on pins and needles.  The cast is consists of Storm, Iceman, Magik, Colossus, Young Jean Grey, NIGHTCRAWLER,…  I mean just look at that Old Man Logan… he’s so crotchety and awesome looking!

Coming October 14th, 2015


Old-Man-Logan-1-Promo-ea08dOld Man Logan (w) Jeff Lemire (a) Andrea Sorrentino

Sorrentino’s already been doing amazing work on the Secret Wars interpretation of Old Man Logan. Her work is bringing such a visceral texture to the story that it is beautiful just to look at. Now teaming up with Jeff Lemire, who gets to double dip his claws in writing Logan in Extraordinary X-Men as well, the tale of the future berserker being thrown back into the present is exciting enough just conceptually. Watching him be face to face with the ghosts of his pasts, I’m expecting to see Logan tormented by his sins and using that as fuel to not let history repeat itself…

I’m expecting a lot of inner monologue from this book. Logan lamenting as his living memories walk around him and crashing against the images from his past, Andrea Sorrentino will make every panel feel like a sucker punch in the feels.

Coming this Fall


We’ll be doing our best to be hitting up the new All-New, All-Different Marvel books but we’ll need your help!  Send the reviews of your favorite books to ComicIssues@Gmail.com and we’ll include them in the podcast.