Comic Issues #245 – RECORD BREAKERS!

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Comic Issues #245 – RECORD BREAKERS!

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIENDS!! DUN-DUN-DUN!!  Okay, so maybe we’re being a little dramatic but after last week’s huge 10 comic book race against time, we decided it had to be done and we pushed ourselves one further.  That’s right! This week Comic Issues bring to you 11 comic books that were released on 10/14!

This week the pull list overflowed with A-Force #5, Chewbacca #1, Marvel Zombies #4, The New Avengers #1, I Hate Fairyland #1, Switch #1, Civil War #5, Guardian of the Galaxy #1, The Uncanny Avengers #1, Spider-Gwen #1, and the one that broke the record, Superman: Lois & Clark #1.  Ranging from heart breaking endings to confusing Post-Convergence beginnings, last week was a good week in comics.

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