Two Geeks and a Podcast #Fourteen – The Geeky-Couples Game

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Two Geeks and a Podcast #Fourteen – The Geeky-Couples Game

This week Anthony and Ashley are taking the Newlywed Game and putting a geeky spin on it. Together they’ll answer 24 questions about each other and see if they’re still a couple when they’re done. Spoilers, everything turns out fine. Listen in and find out how much and how little the adorable geeky duo know about each other.

But before the fun beings Anthony and Ashley talk about their night out at the Dress 4 Breasts Charity Fundraiser, hosted by Anthony. Check out their Facebook Page for photos of guys in dresses to support the fight against breast cancer. That’s not all though, Ashley gets fired up over the price hike for Disney’s Annual Passports. Find out what it costs to enjoy the Magical Kingdom these days.

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