Comic Issues #250 – So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

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Comic Issues #250 – So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

After 5 amazing years and 250 incredible podcasts (even more if you count the extras over the years) Anthony is hanging up his Pg! hat and heading out to parts unknown.  Listen in this week and Anthony, Elizabeth and Andrew look back at the history of Comic Issues to reflect on all to good times and fantastic adventures they’ve had together, all while still being the greatest geeks in the world and still having fun on this farewell episode.

Fear not though, this is only the closing of another chapter in the Comic Issues ongoing series.  Don’t remove us from your social media and podcast feeds, after a brief break be ready for Comic Issues to be back to being your favorite geeky podcast full of rants, ramblings, and ravings!

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On a personal note:
I want to thank every single person who’s listened to us over the years.  New listeners and old, you’re all amazing and I can’t thank you enough for giving your time to some geeks like us.  I hope that in 250 episodes of the podcast I’ve made you laugh. I hope you’ve agreed and disagreed with me.  I hope that we’ve turned you on to new things you didn’t know about, or didn’t know enough about until listening to us.  I hope we’ve inspired you to go out and make something like we have.  Mostly though I hope I’ve made you laugh.

Being with Pg! and Comic Issues has been a highlight of my life and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.  The podcast has helped change my life and has given me something to work towards when I felt I had nothing else.  Its introduced me to new friends that I’ve met going to so many amazing conventions.  You’re all too many to list here but I’m lucky to know each and every one of you, and you all inspire me.

I promise to you all that I’m not done, I’m just changing.  If you want to keep up on what I’m doing then follow me on Twitter @GraphiteKnight, I’ll be promoting there the projects I have planned for 2016.  I’m looking forward to making you all laugh even more in the future.

Until then friends, Good Geeking.

Anthony Silva