Top 15 Comic Book Artists of 2015

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Top 15 Comic Book Artists of 2015

Just to add one more “Best Of 2015” tally to the interwebs, I’m throwing in my “Top Comic Book Artists of 2015” vote.

Let’s face it, Marvel walked away with this one. Battleworld blew the doors off the place, but pre-Secret Wars and All-New All-Different Marvel continue to make things difficult for any other publisher trying to get a foothold. (Het-hem, DC. Pay attention.)

But IDW was well-represented by Alex Milne and Livio Ramondelli. (No surprise if you know my undying Transformers love, despite Michael Bay’s atrocities.) And Stjepan Sejic’s Twitch and Adam Warren’s Empowered snuck in there too, but Adam’s art has had my love for the past (censored) years since I was in college, so that’s hardly fair.

Bearing that in mind, in no particular order, here’s my highly biased, totally subjective, “ooo look the numbers match,” Top 15 of 2015 Comic Book Artists of the Year.

It probably goes without saying, but the colorists that work with these artists are hugely responsible for how amazing everything looks. And for the record: years ago I went past the point where I could look at a comic for the art alone. If the writing is terrible, I’m out, no matter how gorgeous it looks. So any comic book you see above only made the list because the writing was equally amazing.