Preview and Review: Transformers Till All Are One #2

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Preview and Review: Transformers Till All Are One #2

Eeeeverybody’s almost at their breaking point in this issue, so it’s no surprise that this falls into the lead up to September’s “Revolution” event. After the jump we’ve got the preview pages and spoiler-free review for IDW’s Till All Are One #2.

I’ll admit it right now, I was completely confused about Blast Off. For one, he’s one of the few G1 characters who removes his face mask sometimes. That’s jarring. Not in a bad way, mind you. It’s just for any character who didn’t have a “real” face, I got used to that being “the way things are.” The early Transformers comics implied that they didn’t HAVE a face (there’s a particularly distressing image of Optimus Prime with his faceplate melted off and there’s just a speaker grid behind it.) I’m actually really glad that IDW has shown several times that the faceplate hides a face, I just hadn’t realized that Blast Off was taking his off sometimes. Anyway, long story short, I’m caught up now.

What also confused me was his motivations. Last issue he disguised himself as a Badgeless officer (one of Starscream’s special police force) and killed someone to incite a riot. But later he’s telling Onslaught that he can’t do this any more, that he can’t watch Onslaught make them into losers any more. I thought “Okay, maybe I’ve still got a Combaticon confused somewhere?”

Again, by the end of the issue I’m caught up, and you will be too.

Meanwhile Starscream’s told Windblade what he wants her to do to keep power from slipping out of his hands any further than it already has. And he reinforces it just as you’d suspect: with blackmail. Windblade isn’t going to take a whole hell of a lot of that.

And Ironhide makes a move I didn’t see coming, but should have. No matter their differences, he’s a follower of Optimus, and he does exactly what I think Optimus would do, in exactly the same way.

And there’s so many great lines in this issue, like when someone asks Starscream exactly who Onslaught is.

“A former associate.”
“A psychopath and a murderer.”
“I said he was an associate, not my conjunx endura!”

And then there’s the art. Ooooh the art the art the art. I’m so in love. Everyone looks just gorgeous. The lines are perfect, the expressions are delicious, and the colors are perfectly lovely. Pitre-Durocher and Tramontano are a team not to be messed with. And my favorite? Starscream. I know, right? I could stare at him all day, he looks so awesome. I’ve probably said too much. I regret nothing!