SDCC 2016 – Interview with Hasbro, Transformers Generations

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SDCC 2016 – Interview with Hasbro, Transformers Generations

As a Transformers fan who remembers sitting in a theater being blown away by the 1986 Transformers movie (and literally bursting into tears at the death of Optimus Prime…what? Don’t look at me like that, it was sad!) and a huge fan of the IDW More Than Meets The Eye comic, I’ve been very excited by the latest Transformers designs from Hasbro. We’re seeing gorgeous G1-style Transformers along with new concepts and our favorite characters from the current comics.

Have you ever wondered why some designs are chosen over others? Which characters get featured? Who’s making the decisions? Wonder no more! We got to talk with John Warden of Hasbro, part of the Transformers Generations design team, at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Sure we asked him about the design process, the decisions, and the fan input. We also asked him about whether or not the Titans Returns Soundwave comes with the tapes (we’re all about the hard-hitting news here at PG. We’re also Team Soundwave, and don’t you forget it.)

The images showing in the video are, in order: Generations Titan Force Brainstorm, Sentinel Prime, and Windblade; Generations Megatron; Generations Combiner Wars Prowl; Generations Starscream; Titans Return Sharkticon; Generations Titans Return Fortress Maximus; box art for Titan Force Brainstorm, Sentinel Prime and Windblade;  Generations Ultra Magnus; Titan Force Brainstorm, Sentinel Prime and Windblade;  box art for GI Joe and the Transformers box set; video and still image of Generations Titans Return Soundwave.

Special thanks to John Warden, Jennifer Cruz, Mat Newman, and everybody at Hasbro and Rogers & Cowan for their time. Interview by Elizabeth Wallace. Camera operator Jada Scarbrough.