Review: Worms WMD – Xbox One

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Review: Worms WMD – Xbox One

Before the popularity of online gaming the term multiplayer had a different meaning. Well okay, it meant the same thing literally, but there was something special about having a friend over in the real world and playing a game together. There are a handful of games that do this, but Worms took it to a whole other level.

After countless iterations of Worms, Team 17 has returned to the realm of 2D and frankly it’s good to be back. How does this game hold up in the franchise? Is it another sit-on-the-couch multiplayer?


I would like to believe that everyone has played Worms but just in case here’s a quick breakdown of the gameplay: essentially it’s Worms vs. Worms in an all out battle for supremacy. The true magic is getting a 4 player game going. It’s utter chaos.

The goal of the game is to eliminate the opposing team and honestly this is where the fun begins. Choosing your weapon – there are so many options, including the always-classic bazooka. Oh, and did I mention that Worms can’t swim?

The gameplay has a few additions which totally shake it up. There are now shelters/buildings to hide in, along with weaponry throughout the level, including tanks, helicopters, mechs and machine guns. What’s nice is you can always steal said vehicle from your friends.



I’m not sure where I stand when it comes to the new art style. There’s a part of me that truly likes it, especially when you get in game. But in any closeup shots via the menu screen I find myself studying it critically. That being said, the overall aesthetics and presentation is quite good. It feels a little edgier, which is a nice change, without it falling into the EXTREME territory.

A nice addition was the hats and masks. It may seem a little lame at first, but the amount of customization was quite nice. The same goes for the vast quantities of vocals. Just a lot to choose from.

The only failing this game has is with its cameras. The automated camera doesn’t really frame things well – this can be seen in the replay where it can be fixed onto what your character is doing vs. the brilliant shot you just achieved.


I’ve played a lot of the Worms franchise, and I can say this is one of my favorite iterations. The shelters and additional vehicles add a certain depth and strategy to the multiplayer. It’s now a lot easier to get around the map, though the ninja rope is the most appropriate way. It’s totally something to pick up for some multiplayer fun. My only hope is for continued support for this iteration vs. creating any additional sequels.