Binary System Podcast #54 – New York Comic Con!

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Binary System Podcast #54 – New York Comic Con!

This week’s podcast was recorded in New York City! Manhattan to be exact, just days after Binary System (and official Pixelated Geek photographer Captain Slack) (also known as Kathryn’s husband Nathan) attended New York Comic Con 2016! We geek out over the artists we got to meet, give a breakdown on our first attempts at Doctor Who cosplay, and talk about the awesomeness that is the Big Apple.

Oh hey, you know how we keep saying “New York Comic Con is almost as big as San Diego Comic-Con?” Turns out, it’s bigger. WAY bigger. San Diego Comic-Con clocks in at 130,000+, but bleedingcool reports NYCC set a record with over 180,000. No WONDER Saturday was so crazy!

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A whole gallery of some of the amazing cosplay we spotted will go up soon (delayed due to hurricane, whattayagonnado) but till then here’s some of Binary System in Doctor Who cosplay along with some awesome people they met. Photos by Captain Slack!

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